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End of Civilization?

In the US today we are facing many challenges:

  • Islamic Invasion
  • Global Climate Change Fraud
  • Brain Damaged, Self-Centered, Narcissistic, Greedy Politicians in DC
  • Out of Control National Debt
  • Obama Care/ Obama Economy


Well now there is something to worry about.

Starting in 2005 the US became the largest producer of Ethanol in the world. That means that redistribute billions of dollars to get votes from people in the mid-west.

The government screwing around in with the market has caused many problems. But we haven’t yet felt the full brunt of the Clinton-Bush-Obama Disaster that is yet to come.

  1. We waste billions of dollars we don’t have to put a useless product in our cars. This ethanol in many cases makes the vehicle use more gas then it would with the additive.
  2. Ethanol produces no net benefit to the environment. By the time you grow it, harvest it, ferment it and distill it, you have used as much energy as if you had just put gas in your car.
  3. We have shifted the markets, making corn a better crop to plant. This has changed the price of food world wide and may be a direct cause of the Arab Spring (which started over price of food).
  4. Ethanol has made the world less safe.
  5. Farmers are growing more corn because it is more profitable than wheat.

Let’s look at the water usage.



The math concept here is integration, the area under the curve. We can visually see that Wheat encompasses less area then Corn. So Corn uses more water.

Now let’s couple this with:


A story about the wells in the Midwest running dry. The answer is kind of clear, that farmers responding to an artificial market created by stupid politicians supporting fraudulent climate change fear is depleting our ability to sustain the crops we actually need.


Climate change idiots are killing us. Feel good politics is killing us. Man Made Global Stupidity is working on ending western civilization.


How different groups react to “facts”

Table of Responses




Initial Response

Final Response




Stupid smile and head shaking.

Lambasting and discredit the liar.





Research and spread




Eyes bug out

Gleeful Lambasting and discrediting of the liar.




Eyes bug out, head explodes

Ignores truth, seeks other liberals to validate safe space




Discredits Liberal

Avoids name calling and personal attacks as cognitive dissidence makes mouth froth and hate spew




Opens lines of discussion

Seldom happens.




Stupid smile and head shaking

Seldom happens, lies are easier




Stupid smile and head shaking (some drooling)

Repeat the Lie as loudly as possible to make it real in their reality.


New Ice-cream Flavors

In honor of national Ice-Cream day I would like to present some flavors and Sundays matching up to our national figures:

The Burnie Sanders:

Just Vanilla Socialist You pay for it and someone else gets it.

The Chris Christy

Cranberry Swirl with balls of raw cacao and Cinnamon

Smells great, comes on strong but makes you gag and spit out

The Lindsey Graham

Not really flavor, but an empty box, with some stones that rattle, a fake green card and a fart.

Looks ok and sounds interesting but you get faked /grossed out when you up it up. Basically Useless!

The John McCain

Fake vanilla, fake Italian Hero flavoring, served with a liberal helping of BS.(butter scotch)

Totally disgusting once you get into it.

The Donald Trump

Blond cake batter with ghost peppers covered with shredded mango.

Goes down smooth, has a wicked bit afterwards.

The Barak Obama:

Fake vanilla and fake Chocolate.

When served they charge you for toppings you don’t get.

Only thing real is the brain freeze you get from eating too much.

The Hillary Clinton:

Sour Cherries, dried dates and botox.

The Lena Dunham

Made with lard, Cheyanne peppers and corn syrup.

Keep away from children.





Obama’s Iran Deal


Let’s just take a step back and look out how things might just play out.

Say some honest regulators get hints from world intelligence organizations that Iranian soldiers and Scientists have been working in a certain location. The Regulators approach Iran and say, we’d like to take a look at this location. The Iranians will say, no, that is a sacred religions site. That is where we store the few remaining farts of the Profit Mohmand. The Regulators say we want to see, Iran says Fuck You.

So at this point they have to go to the arbitration panel… which has Iranian members. The IAEA says we want to see this warehouse filled with the Farts of Mohmand. Now the arbitration panel has 3 days to grant this request. For some strange reason let’s say they do, Iran then comes back and says Fuck You. So the IAEA, goes to the UN. You know the United NumbNuts, one of the most corrupt and useless organizations on the face of the earth. Since it is corrupt, filled with anti-western lunatics the Left absolutely loves it.

Anyway everyone goes before the UN and the IAEA says that there are soldiers and scientists convening at this heretofore secret location. We want to check it out. Iran says that this is a sacred store house for the Farts of Mohmand. These ancient relics require specialized scientists to keep the containers pristine condition. The solders are the only others allowed in because they feel these artifacts give them special enlightenment. Within in another week or so the UN then says OK they have to inspect this location but only Muslims will be allowed to do the inspection. Iran then responds Fuck You. Case closed.

What else is in the deal? See, what the Might Obama has managed to get in return for this earth shattering piece of negotiation?

  1. Iran to renounce international terrorism… Yeah nope
  2. Iran will agree Israel should exist and stop threatening it… great but no.
  3. Iran will give its citizens more freedom and stop repressing them… Come on it is Islam the religion Obama was raised in, how bad can it be?
  4. Iran will stop chanting death to America… really but no, not that.
  5. Iran will promise not to Cheat… sure he got that, and we believe them right… right sure they wouldn’t lie to us again would they?
  6. Iran will renounce the terrorist organization Hezbollah… nope they never even tried that one.
  7. How about sometime really simple Iran will release 4 US citizens it is holding as political prisoners… Yep no go, not even something simple.

So is it any wonder that people speculate that Obama may have Gay leanings, because he is always giving it to us up the butt hole.

If Obama had negotiated the Paris treaty to end WWII Germany would control all of Europe. If Obama had negotiated the treaty with Japan, the Japanese would own half of California.





Dangerously Fair


After consideration, it is not just that the pursuit of Fairness is bad it is also dangerous and evil.

We already know that people can’t agree on what is fair. Since it is based on individual’s opinions, fairness in a group will be the most popular opinion. This is devoid of justice or integrity. That not saying a person cannot be fair in how they deal with situations, it is saying that trouble starts when people impose their vision of fairness on others.

But in a political sense Fairness is far far worse. Living in a free sociality means people have Rights and Responsibilities. Because of the infusion of insane, anti-American leftist ideals into our culture we have tended to ignore talk of the Responsibilities associated with our Rights. But Rights do not come free, they all require that we fulfill our obligations to maintain a growing and prosperous society.

Life is like a ledger, you do not get sometime for nothing. On one side you have your God given Rights and Freedoms and on the other are your Responsibilities and Obligations. This starts as children. As children we have our basic needs taken care of, but we are responsible for learning civilized behavior, language and manors. Our Obligations and Responsibilities increase as we get older, as do our Freedoms.

Fairness as espoused by liberals is basically elimination of Obligations and Responsibilities. This is evil, pure and simple. It allows for a systemic rot to form in sociality that erodes its very structure. When people have all the Freedoms afforded to a great and prosperous society without the understanding that they are responsible for its continuation is pure destruction. But our US liberals have taken this one step farther, they want people to hate and despise the very system that grants their Freedoms and prosperity.


The Prince–Machiavelli

“he who becomes master of a city accustomed to freedom and does not destroy it, may expect to be destroyed by it..”




To be offended … (Offendoholics)

A while ago I was having a conversation with a Christian friend. I mentioned how it was sometimes fun to offend people who were brittle with a thin skin. She got mad at me saying it was never good to offend someone. This put an idea in my head that has taken a while to percolate. It has come to light after the cancer of Islam once again raised its brutal head in France.

Let’s take a look at the process of offense.

  1. I say something.
  2. You hear the words
  3. Your brain processes the words
  4. You grasp the meaning of the words
  5. You determine the source, context and circumstance of my statement
  6. You give me power over you … the power to offend you
  7. You become offended.
  8. You act offended
  9. You get a rush as your fight or flight relax kicks in.


The key here in this process is step 6. It is a simple fact that no one in this universe can offend you unless you give them the power to do it.

Now as a society we react to underdogs by nature. A person becomes an underdog when they give power away and it is used against them. Yet in this case we have to step back and look at the process. A strong person will never let anyone offend them. They may take pity on the offensive person for being ignorant and rude. But the act of taking offence is an act of surrender.

Since we are on topic of fake emotions. Let’s also take a look at anger.

Anger is almost always a process as well.

  1. You expect a result.
  2. Your expectation is not met
  3. You allow yourself to become frustrated.
  4. As you dwell on this frustration and amplify it, it becomes anger.
  5. Anger triggers the body to be ready for action, it is the flight or fight reflex.

Many people become angry after being offended if they do not get the desired response to their declared frustration. This is because these people are not in tune with reality.

We have people who become addicted to the adrenaline rush that occurs from offence, frustration and anger. These people can be called Offendoholics though women are often called Drama Queens. The offendoholics have unrealistic expectations of people’s responses to their self-induced misery.

Unfortunately these Offendoholics often need greater and greater rushes so they will also turn towards physical violence. They are manipulators like all addicts and will either incite the violence or cause it with direct action. While it is good to understand these people, it does not diminish their danger, to themselves and others.


Riots and corruption

What do racist or power hungry cops and corrupt, partisan and evil government officials have in common?

The answer is that they exist. Their actions undermine the confidence and credibility are the organizations they represent. They are a scourge on our culture and act as a cancer when left unchecked.

Now, how are they different? Well in the vast majority of police organizations throughout this country these people are weeded out. Often the organizations of forced to make amends for the damage that was caused. Since we are human and imperfect, this is really the best we can hope for. We can strive for perfection and decency, and fix mistakes after they occur.

However in the federal government, under Obama, corrupt partisan and evil people are protected and promoted. These high profile people like Holder, the first AG to be held in Contempt of Congress, Ms Learner, and many others are not held accountable for their actions against this free country. They are lionized, promoted and given high paid, participation optional, positions in Liberal/progressive organizations after they have done their damage. In additional the support these people get from the Obama administration they are also given cover by the media who is rapidly becoming less relevant, and trust worthy. This is in part because of their slavish loyalty to fellow leftists and in part because of the general ignorance and apathy of the American population.

Several members of this administration appear to be openly corrupt, even admittedly corrupt. This corruption spreads a pall over the actions of everyone in the federal government. It is a massive behemoth who’s partisan, power hunger, ideological bureaucrats get to run free. The worst part is that these cancerous influences are not stopped but promoted and protected. Whether in the IRS, Justice Dept, EPA or other agency,

In order to create an organization that engenders trust, you must provide transparency and avoid even the appearance of indiscretion. Instead the Obama cartel hires protects and coddles tax cheats like Guitner, Rangle and Shapton. They lie to the American people about terrorism. Protect a man accused of sex tourism and child rape because he is a powerful democrat (from NJ). Lie about and hide documentation of potential wrong doing. Openly and willfully lie to the American people about far reaching and contentious legislation. The list goes on and on.

When you have a party and administration with openly puts political power above everything. A party and administration that has no sense of honor or honesty does not deserve to be trusted. Because of this I am suspicious of case against Mr Grimm. I have no problem with removing a tax cheat. But because it give the administration a political advantage, I don’t really believe it. People who this administration like get special treatment. Those that this government doesn’t like get prosecuted more harshly. This isn’t justice.

I do not trust the federal government. Not is some tin foil hat conspiracy. There is proof that it has been weaponized against the American people. It has attacked and spied journalists (Sharyl Attkisson) . Look at “3 Felonies a day” on amazon to see how easy it is to threaten innocent people into compliance.

Let me say in closing that if you’re not highly skeptical and distrustful then you may well be deluding yourself. This administration has no problem forgiving friends and mercilessly attacking and destroying political enemies. All the while befriending and helping those who want to kill us and pissing on our allies.


Beat the Progressives by being successful Part 1

Is it time to embrace your inner evil and work on being profitable?

You might want to look into a concept called growth hacking.

One of the sites I am exploring is here:



Who Cares ? Part I

Who cares is such a simple phrase. Of course here I am dating myself, because this phase has been superseded by the even more enlighten colloquialisms like “whatever” and the ever poignant “meh”. Still on some level we really want to know who really cares. However this isn’t just some random expression, it can in fact change the course of a nation. In the 2012 exit polling a full 21% of the people (mostly Democrats) believe that a candidate who cares about them was the deciding factor in their vote.

So, in this next series of posts, let’s explore caring, what it really is, who does it the most and what it means to our culture.