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End of Civilization?

In the US today we are facing many challenges:

  • Islamic Invasion
  • Global Climate Change Fraud
  • Brain Damaged, Self-Centered, Narcissistic, Greedy Politicians in DC
  • Out of Control National Debt
  • Obama Care/ Obama Economy


Well now there is something to worry about.

Starting in 2005 the US became the largest producer of Ethanol in the world. That means that redistribute billions of dollars to get votes from people in the mid-west.

The government screwing around in with the market has caused many problems. But we haven’t yet felt the full brunt of the Clinton-Bush-Obama Disaster that is yet to come.

  1. We waste billions of dollars we don’t have to put a useless product in our cars. This ethanol in many cases makes the vehicle use more gas then it would with the additive.
  2. Ethanol produces no net benefit to the environment. By the time you grow it, harvest it, ferment it and distill it, you have used as much energy as if you had just put gas in your car.
  3. We have shifted the markets, making corn a better crop to plant. This has changed the price of food world wide and may be a direct cause of the Arab Spring (which started over price of food).
  4. Ethanol has made the world less safe.
  5. Farmers are growing more corn because it is more profitable than wheat.

Let’s look at the water usage.



The math concept here is integration, the area under the curve. We can visually see that Wheat encompasses less area then Corn. So Corn uses more water.

Now let’s couple this with:


A story about the wells in the Midwest running dry. The answer is kind of clear, that farmers responding to an artificial market created by stupid politicians supporting fraudulent climate change fear is depleting our ability to sustain the crops we actually need.


Climate change idiots are killing us. Feel good politics is killing us. Man Made Global Stupidity is working on ending western civilization.

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