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Free Market Solution to Ebola Quarintine

I know the idea of Free Markets are not in favor these days. But the underlying theme of a free market venture is risk. Which is why there are insurance companies and hedge funds.

We have all these arrogant do-gooders coming back from Ebola central who are griping about quarantine measures.

The answer is quite simple. We need states to pass some simple laws.

If you bring Ebola or any other preventable communicable disease into the state, you are charged $10,000. That is you and or your employer or family. If you expose other people you are charged up to 1,000,000 (one million) dollars clean up fee plus an additional $10,000 per person exposed up to some cap. This additional money will go to mitigate the exposure and compensate the exposed.

So it would be up to CBS, NBS or doctors with out borders as to whether they will risk bringing people directly back from exposed areas.


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