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There has been a polar shift.

At one point in time I had to explain to people that the US was not Europe. The European Parliament model of Left and Right or Communist  vs Fascists was different from the American political Poles. Here in the US we had Liberals on the left and Conservatives on the Right. Liberals wanted bigger government, more taxes and less personal freedom. Conservatives would push for smaller government, less taxes and more personal freedom.

Now I realize, we Europe. The left, the Democrats are populated by communists who wish to socialize industries. The right or the Republicans are Fascists, looking for partnerships and protectorates for large businesses and 3comma organizations.  There is no one left supporting the Constitution, or the individual. Everyone (with few exceptions) in DC consider themselves the Elected Royalty. They are the Elite, our rulers they are the ones who matter. They make deals with multi-billion dollar businesses for special tax breaks, and protection from competition.  The Republican party should be aptly renamed the Fascists party.

After the big Democrat defeat, people where surprised the Obama did not move to the Right… Well in fact he did. We can see this 1.1 FuckiUS bill passed by the human scum in DC. The monstrosity had tons of pork and special interest hand outs to big businesses. This was a far more Fascist bill then would have been allowed to get by previously.  So Obama has moved way from total government tyranny of the communist left and moved toward the Fascists Republican right.

It all makes sense now.  Because in the end, Communist or Fascists it is the people of America that are screwed.

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