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Riots and corruption

What do racist or power hungry cops and corrupt, partisan and evil government officials have in common?

The answer is that they exist. Their actions undermine the confidence and credibility are the organizations they represent. They are a scourge on our culture and act as a cancer when left unchecked.

Now, how are they different? Well in the vast majority of police organizations throughout this country these people are weeded out. Often the organizations of forced to make amends for the damage that was caused. Since we are human and imperfect, this is really the best we can hope for. We can strive for perfection and decency, and fix mistakes after they occur.

However in the federal government, under Obama, corrupt partisan and evil people are protected and promoted. These high profile people like Holder, the first AG to be held in Contempt of Congress, Ms Learner, and many others are not held accountable for their actions against this free country. They are lionized, promoted and given high paid, participation optional, positions in Liberal/progressive organizations after they have done their damage. In additional the support these people get from the Obama administration they are also given cover by the media who is rapidly becoming less relevant, and trust worthy. This is in part because of their slavish loyalty to fellow leftists and in part because of the general ignorance and apathy of the American population.

Several members of this administration appear to be openly corrupt, even admittedly corrupt. This corruption spreads a pall over the actions of everyone in the federal government. It is a massive behemoth who’s partisan, power hunger, ideological bureaucrats get to run free. The worst part is that these cancerous influences are not stopped but promoted and protected. Whether in the IRS, Justice Dept, EPA or other agency,

In order to create an organization that engenders trust, you must provide transparency and avoid even the appearance of indiscretion. Instead the Obama cartel hires protects and coddles tax cheats like Guitner, Rangle and Shapton. They lie to the American people about terrorism. Protect a man accused of sex tourism and child rape because he is a powerful democrat (from NJ). Lie about and hide documentation of potential wrong doing. Openly and willfully lie to the American people about far reaching and contentious legislation. The list goes on and on.

When you have a party and administration with openly puts political power above everything. A party and administration that has no sense of honor or honesty does not deserve to be trusted. Because of this I am suspicious of case against Mr Grimm. I have no problem with removing a tax cheat. But because it give the administration a political advantage, I don’t really believe it. People who this administration like get special treatment. Those that this government doesn’t like get prosecuted more harshly. This isn’t justice.

I do not trust the federal government. Not is some tin foil hat conspiracy. There is proof that it has been weaponized against the American people. It has attacked and spied journalists (Sharyl Attkisson) . Look at “3 Felonies a day” on amazon to see how easy it is to threaten innocent people into compliance.

Let me say in closing that if you’re not highly skeptical and distrustful then you may well be deluding yourself. This administration has no problem forgiving friends and mercilessly attacking and destroying political enemies. All the while befriending and helping those who want to kill us and pissing on our allies.

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