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Dangerously Fair


After consideration, it is not just that the pursuit of Fairness is bad it is also dangerous and evil.

We already know that people can’t agree on what is fair. Since it is based on individual’s opinions, fairness in a group will be the most popular opinion. This is devoid of justice or integrity. That not saying a person cannot be fair in how they deal with situations, it is saying that trouble starts when people impose their vision of fairness on others.

But in a political sense Fairness is far far worse. Living in a free sociality means people have Rights and Responsibilities. Because of the infusion of insane, anti-American leftist ideals into our culture we have tended to ignore talk of the Responsibilities associated with our Rights. But Rights do not come free, they all require that we fulfill our obligations to maintain a growing and prosperous society.

Life is like a ledger, you do not get sometime for nothing. On one side you have your God given Rights and Freedoms and on the other are your Responsibilities and Obligations. This starts as children. As children we have our basic needs taken care of, but we are responsible for learning civilized behavior, language and manors. Our Obligations and Responsibilities increase as we get older, as do our Freedoms.

Fairness as espoused by liberals is basically elimination of Obligations and Responsibilities. This is evil, pure and simple. It allows for a systemic rot to form in sociality that erodes its very structure. When people have all the Freedoms afforded to a great and prosperous society without the understanding that they are responsible for its continuation is pure destruction. But our US liberals have taken this one step farther, they want people to hate and despise the very system that grants their Freedoms and prosperity.


The Prince–Machiavelli

“he who becomes master of a city accustomed to freedom and does not destroy it, may expect to be destroyed by it..”

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