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Obama’s Iran Deal


Let’s just take a step back and look out how things might just play out.

Say some honest regulators get hints from world intelligence organizations that Iranian soldiers and Scientists have been working in a certain location. The Regulators approach Iran and say, we’d like to take a look at this location. The Iranians will say, no, that is a sacred religions site. That is where we store the few remaining farts of the Profit Mohmand. The Regulators say we want to see, Iran says Fuck You.

So at this point they have to go to the arbitration panel… which has Iranian members. The IAEA says we want to see this warehouse filled with the Farts of Mohmand. Now the arbitration panel has 3 days to grant this request. For some strange reason let’s say they do, Iran then comes back and says Fuck You. So the IAEA, goes to the UN. You know the United NumbNuts, one of the most corrupt and useless organizations on the face of the earth. Since it is corrupt, filled with anti-western lunatics the Left absolutely loves it.

Anyway everyone goes before the UN and the IAEA says that there are soldiers and scientists convening at this heretofore secret location. We want to check it out. Iran says that this is a sacred store house for the Farts of Mohmand. These ancient relics require specialized scientists to keep the containers pristine condition. The solders are the only others allowed in because they feel these artifacts give them special enlightenment. Within in another week or so the UN then says OK they have to inspect this location but only Muslims will be allowed to do the inspection. Iran then responds Fuck You. Case closed.

What else is in the deal? See, what the Might Obama has managed to get in return for this earth shattering piece of negotiation?

  1. Iran to renounce international terrorism… Yeah nope
  2. Iran will agree Israel should exist and stop threatening it… great but no.
  3. Iran will give its citizens more freedom and stop repressing them… Come on it is Islam the religion Obama was raised in, how bad can it be?
  4. Iran will stop chanting death to America… really but no, not that.
  5. Iran will promise not to Cheat… sure he got that, and we believe them right… right sure they wouldn’t lie to us again would they?
  6. Iran will renounce the terrorist organization Hezbollah… nope they never even tried that one.
  7. How about sometime really simple Iran will release 4 US citizens it is holding as political prisoners… Yep no go, not even something simple.

So is it any wonder that people speculate that Obama may have Gay leanings, because he is always giving it to us up the butt hole.

If Obama had negotiated the Paris treaty to end WWII Germany would control all of Europe. If Obama had negotiated the treaty with Japan, the Japanese would own half of California.




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