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New Ice-cream Flavors

In honor of national Ice-Cream day I would like to present some flavors and Sundays matching up to our national figures:

The Burnie Sanders:

Just Vanilla Socialist You pay for it and someone else gets it.

The Chris Christy

Cranberry Swirl with balls of raw cacao and Cinnamon

Smells great, comes on strong but makes you gag and spit out

The Lindsey Graham

Not really flavor, but an empty box, with some stones that rattle, a fake green card and a fart.

Looks ok and sounds interesting but you get faked /grossed out when you up it up. Basically Useless!

The John McCain

Fake vanilla, fake Italian Hero flavoring, served with a liberal helping of BS.(butter scotch)

Totally disgusting once you get into it.

The Donald Trump

Blond cake batter with ghost peppers covered with shredded mango.

Goes down smooth, has a wicked bit afterwards.

The Barak Obama:

Fake vanilla and fake Chocolate.

When served they charge you for toppings you don’t get.

Only thing real is the brain freeze you get from eating too much.

The Hillary Clinton:

Sour Cherries, dried dates and botox.

The Lena Dunham

Made with lard, Cheyanne peppers and corn syrup.

Keep away from children.




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