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Dave’s Rules of Politics

Something’s you just have to remember to take for granted in this day in age.

  1. Liberal Lie—but Democrat liberal usually get away with it.
  2. Liberals will always strive to more power.
    • Redistribution is not about helping the poor or hurting the rich, it is about being the one in control of taking and giving money
    • Global Warming has nothing to do with the environment; it is about controlling the producers of energy, for without energy there is no freedom.
    • Race wars are not about equality or discrimination, it is about polarization. A divided people are easier to pander to and manage.
    • See Item 1.
  3. Republicans are lazy, feckless idiots and cowards.
    • The vast majority of Republicans are so totally clueless. They just want to be liked.
    • There are probably only a few testacies floating around DC and the Republicans share them when they get tired of looking like pussies.
  4. Democrats Priorities:
    • First is the party
    • Second is personal power
    • Wealth and power for friends and family
    • Personal Image
    • Re-Election
    • Perks and Privileges
    • Good of the country, not really a on the top 5, see items 1&2
  5. The media will always always cover for the Democrats first, then for liberal republicans second… if it doesn’t hurt a democrat.
  6. Democrats will stand by each other till the end, republicans won’t
  7. Democrats are at war with the republicans and the country, republicans don’t know it.
  8. Everything is about politics in DC. Everything that happens has a political potential
  9. When all else fails Democrats will use force and lawyers.
  10. Republicans seldom realize what is going on.
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