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Ebola: the cheapest way to create biological weapons.

One terrorist with Ebola in the US can supply an almost unlimited supply of a deadly biological weapon… their blood.

As a matter of fact, Ebola may be the cheapest and easiest way for terrorists to make a biological weapon… which is important when you only have 500,000,000 dollars to work with.

Just sneak one 5 people in who have been exposed. Set them up an a suburban house. As they get sick start taking their blood. This doesn’t take a lot of medical experience.

This blood can be used to infect surfaces through out a city. It can be sprayed from the roof top of a building at dusk during a Friday night.
When the Ebola generators get to sick, you kidnap random people and expose them. Once you have one station setup you can expand to other cities.
Remember these people have a lot of money and are not afraid of death. If they get discovered before the incubation period a third group could release videos of the activities with specifics of where the infection was spread.

It wouldn’t matter, anyone was actually affected, the fear would paralyze the cities targeted.

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