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Man-made global warming explained.

Let’s imagine a pair of rooms. Each has 10 ft. ceilings and is 10 ft. walls. They are each 10 ft. cubes. Each room has 1,000 square feet of air in it. If we could separate out all the CO2 the air this room it would fit in about 2 tissue boxes. Out of the 1,000 cubic feet of air in the room the CO2 would fit in less than ½ of a cubic foot. Now that amount of additional greenhouse gases that has everyone concerned is less than 10% of the total or about .05 cubic ft. Now .05 cubit ft. is about a volume of a healthy fart.

For this experiment we will have a vegan after a tofu binge walks into the first room and pass gas. After the vegan leaves, the Algorians of the world want you believe that this room will become substantially hotter than the second room. Now a fart will typically contain methane, CO2 and water vapor, all dangerous greenhouse gases according to the Algorians. So, in just a matter of days, weeks, months, years or centuries the additional greenhouse gas from the tofu fart should cause this first room to get 100’s degrees hotter because of the additional trapped heat from the greenhouse gasses. Is this believable? If it doesn’t happen you just have to wait longer.

If so, shouldn’t Taco Bells, vegan restaurants and outhouses be constantly on the verge of spontaneous combustion?

Seriously people if common sense doesn’t overcome indoctrination we are lost as a free nation.

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