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Liberals Vs Christians Part II

An organizations members will follow its leaders. The leaders of the Democrat party are those that represent it at the convention. The DNC spit on God an historic 5 times at their most recent convention.

  1. Obama and his team removed God from the Democrat Platform. This was submitted to a voice vote and resoundingly accepted.
  2. Realizing that the removal of God from the platform could be a political mistake, the policy drones quickly re-added references to God and send Antonio Villaraigosa out to run a voice vote to authorize the change. The voice vote failed.
  3. Trying not to look stupid Antonio Villaraigosa again asked the Democrat Convention Leaders to allow God back into the Democrat Platform. Again it was voted down.
  4. Showing some frustration Antonio Villaraigosa asked for a third vote. For the third time the Democrat Convention attendees voted down God. Only this time Mr Villaraigosa, acting on instructions from on high. . . not God, but Obama’s political team, told the crowd that the majority of votes where for the re-inclusion of God into the Democrat Platform.
  5. The overriding of the peoples opinion causes the crowd of Democrats to boo both God and Mr Villaraigosa.

So, we see the truth about direction and belief of the DNC, God is not only irrelevant, but unwelcome.
As you move up higher in the ranks of your progressive liberal party, the pressure to give up God altogether becomes greater and greater. Of course, it is pressure not to just give up on God but to replace Him with the all mighty Government and those mighty intellectual and caring elites that will bring about a paradise on earth[for themselves].

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