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Why Liberals Can’t Be Good Christians Part I

I know I guy named Brett. He calls himself a vegan.

But Brett likes to have bacon and eggs some morning. He claims after breakfast he is a vegan. During breakfast he intends to be a vegan the rest of the day. Now there aren’t any vegan police. There isn’t a vegan certificate or special vegan powers. Brett doesn’t hurt anyone by eating bacon. But he does shrug off the obvious conflicts his choices produce. but in the end bacon wins.
Christan liberals are a lot like Brett. They have to support things that are directly contrary to Christan ideals and teachings. They have to do this because being a liberal means that every other belief you hold is subservient to your liberalism. If you are a liberal anything, you are always a liberals first.

I am not judging someone to be a Christian, either good or bad. That’s my job, but I can have an opinion about it. In the end it is your choice to call yourself a Christian, a Pastaterian or an agnostic. I am just pointing out the conflicts I see.

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