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Of Pimps, Johns, Whores and Tricks

Most people know these terms. Whores sell a service. This service is called a trick. John’s buy the trick/service and pimps facilitate the transaction while taking a percentage.

For this exercise you well assume that you want to reduce the number of tricks being turned. To do so, you have two options:

  1. Increase the number of whores and make them more attractive.
  2. Decrease the number of whores and make them less attractive.

I don’t really know why anyone would choose the first option but many do. I the only reason to choose number one is in the hope that another party, maybe the police will would have a better chance at stopping the whores.

Now lets apply this to Washington DC. Here the Whores are Congress, and the bureaucrats the give power to. The Pimps are the lobbyists, the Johns are Wall Street and special interest groups and the Tricks are special favors, money, contracts, favorable legislation and power.

Many people look at the corruption in DC, those mega corporations that don’t pay taxes. Those companies with no pay back loans, grants or contracts and the money from those activities that flows back to congressional campaign funds or lines the pockets of the legislators and feel that the average guy is just getting screwed( they are).

One group of people wants to take the power away from Washington, make the Federal government smaller, less powerful. Essentially making fewer and less attractive Whores. The other side wants to make the Federal Government bigger, believing everything can be fixed with more regulations that will be ignored or only applied in special cases. Thus making more and more attractive whores.

If you have an argument as to why more Whores in DC makes life better, it will be interesting to hear it. I think the best bet for the country is to clean out the Whores and make them less powerful and thus less attractive.


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