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Source of man made misery.

Through out the history of humanity there have been many man caused disasters. The disasters have resulted in untold deaths, pain and suffering for most of those involved. These  disasters  include wars and genocidal events and actions. All these events have one thing in common,they are caused by a few elite, inflicted on thousands or millions of common people to the benefit of a few.

To put it simply, rule by a few elite causes pain, misery, suffering and death to many for the profit of a few. From what I can tell, in the earlier days, groups of people ruled by one tyrant or king would regularly destroy one and other. As we became more civilized the autocracies committed by rulers became worst. With few exceptions, these new tyrants where not related to previous regional rulers but they where just the most ruthless, smart and savage members of the society.

Modern day tyrants have exterminated 100’s of millions of lives. These tyrants all have one item in common, they profess to follow the teaching of Karl Marx. So with the likes of Mao, Lenin and Hitler to draw upon, today’s modern democrats have struck out to match and even exceed their predecessor’s accomplishments.

The solution or or antidote to the destructive power of Marxism and rule by the elite is a free and moral people. Since both of these conditions are needed to bring about prosperity and happiness for the majority of the population I don’t have high hopes for the survival of this country. But, I  may be wrong… I pray that I am.



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