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Cultural Gravity Part I

Why Democrats will never defeat Radical Islam

Cultural gravity (CG) is an estimation of how power a culture is. Are people drawn to a culture from all walks of life and every location or do people avoid it. Culture is made up of many aspects from food, music, language and government behind those creating the culture. Maybe one of the single most powerful aspects of a culture with a high gravity rating is the promise of success.
In this posting I am going look at comparing the CG of the United States to that of Islam over time and how things have shifted.
Let’s start with some history. Till the late 1500’s the Ottoman Empire and Islam had a powerful CG. The Arab culture was leading in the arts and sciences. Islamic leaders where a world power controlling access to China and the holy land. They have a history of conquering the European invaders during the crusades. They figured they were blessed by Allah and would continue to expand. However that was not to be the case, in the 1600, they were pushed out of Spain. This provided the impetus for the Spanish to invest in Columbus and start the expansion into the new world. In the 1700 Islam continued to decline as a military force and fell back. It was no longer looked up as an expansionist threat.
The creation of America and the free world as a Christian country showed a beacon of freedom and prosperity around the world. The American Christians sent out missionaries and the government trade emissaries’ across the world and spread the word of prosperity and the word of Christ. People respect a winner and want to emulate success. This was the rise of America, freedom and Christian ideals. During the period from 1700 to early 1900 Islam was in decline and America was on the rise. The American people where well educated, hard working and prosperous. The world loves a winner.
In the early 1900’s however a change took place, successive liberal presidents (not by party but by philosophy) started to damage the country, throwing it into a Great Depression. This weakness coincided with birth of radical Islam. Several Islam leaders seeing the sorry state of their religion and needing motivate their masses or lose them created a war against Christians and Jews with a literal interpretation of Qur’an. This movement was highlighted by Grand Mufti’s alliance with the German Nazi’s.
In the 1940’s Still America was essential in the defeated of Germany and Japan in WWII. America was at a high point in world perception. Israel was created. America was the first nuclear power. Since the world loves a winner, it appeared that, over time the American culture would predominant and Islam, had nothing much to offer. This however was about to change.

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