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Cultural Gravity Part I

Why Democrats will never defeat Radical Islam

Cultural gravity (CG) is an estimation of how power a culture is. Are people drawn to a culture from all walks of life and every location or do people avoid it. Culture is made up of many aspects from food, music, language and government behind those creating the culture. Maybe one of the single most powerful aspects of a culture with a high gravity rating is the promise of success.
In this posting I am going look at comparing the CG of the United States to that of Islam over time and how things have shifted.
Let’s start with some history. Till the late 1500’s the Ottoman Empire and Islam had a powerful CG. The Arab culture was leading in the arts and sciences. Islamic leaders where a world power controlling access to China and the holy land. They have a history of conquering the European invaders during the crusades. They figured they were blessed by Allah and would continue to expand. However that was not to be the case, in the 1600, they were pushed out of Spain. This provided the impetus for the Spanish to invest in Columbus and start the expansion into the new world. In the 1700 Islam continued to decline as a military force and fell back. It was no longer looked up as an expansionist threat.
The creation of America and the free world as a Christian country showed a beacon of freedom and prosperity around the world. The American Christians sent out missionaries and the government trade emissaries’ across the world and spread the word of prosperity and the word of Christ. People respect a winner and want to emulate success. This was the rise of America, freedom and Christian ideals. During the period from 1700 to early 1900 Islam was in decline and America was on the rise. The American people where well educated, hard working and prosperous. The world loves a winner.
In the early 1900’s however a change took place, successive liberal presidents (not by party but by philosophy) started to damage the country, throwing it into a Great Depression. This weakness coincided with birth of radical Islam. Several Islam leaders seeing the sorry state of their religion and needing motivate their masses or lose them created a war against Christians and Jews with a literal interpretation of Qur’an. This movement was highlighted by Grand Mufti’s alliance with the German Nazi’s.
In the 1940’s Still America was essential in the defeated of Germany and Japan in WWII. America was at a high point in world perception. Israel was created. America was the first nuclear power. Since the world loves a winner, it appeared that, over time the American culture would predominant and Islam, had nothing much to offer. This however was about to change.


From the Secret Journal of Barak Obama

What is the big deal about golfing… really. I am chagrined and relieved no one asked me to resurrect Mr Foley. It means they don’t believe me quiet as much as they used to.

But let me be clear Mr Foley and all the people raped, crucified and outright slaughtered by Isis are really martyrs. They gave their lives so I could fund my ObamaCare. Without their willing sacrifice(I know they would die for me, everyone loves me) all that money would be securing some little foreign country. Instead I have let my brothers run free and placed a mighty yolk on the evil American people.

Ahh, life is good. It is good to be the King


Liberals vs Christians Part III

liberal vs conservative


This is part three of “Why Liberalism is incompatible with Christianity.”
To do this, I have to introduce a couple of difficult concepts, God, Government, Rights and Wealth. These definitions are based on my understanding. I feel I have to define these things because it seems so many people I talk to don’t understand them. This is a big picture argument and discussion. I know some people will be challenged by it.
To talk about God, a difficult topic in its own right, I will To do this, I will take the path our founders, who believed the lowest common denominator for all the religious texts (this did not include Islam, which in its purest radical form is pure evil) is deism. Deism, embraces the idea of natures god, a god based on reason. This is the path that Thomas Jefferson and I believe Thomas Paine took. I believe that the true source for conservatism is natures law, while is summed up under the heading of natures god. These beliefs are not a summation of dogma translated from different mystical texts but instead are based on reason, observation and science (of economics). I am going to use the term God for the rest of this discussion, this can mean Jesus, Jehovah or natures god.
While I am at it then let me define government for the sake of this discussion. Here in the US, we have with some variations 4 levels of government. We have different governments for our cities, counties and states. Then we have the all encompassing Federal government. For the most part this discussion focuses on the Federal Government because it is the most powerful and the farthest removed from the people.
Our rights are the things we are born. The best way to understand rights is to imagine yourself stranded on a desert island. There you have the shelter and property that you can build, but you don’t have cable. On an island, you have food that you can find but no health care. What you have if you are by yourself with no one around are your natural born rights.
Finally there is wealth. Your wealth is everything that you build up in your life. These things include your family, relationships, reputation, property, knowledge, income and lastly cash. Your build your wealth by focus and discipline. Some people value different things so they will have more family and relationships then income and property, but they are just as wealthy. The people that don’t understand all the components and nature of wealth are doomed to be poor. The people who focus on the less substantial parts of wealth will acquire the more substantial parts. Do not think that some who wants to “redistribute” your wealth will ever be satisfied dealing with only the substantial aspects of it.
It is my understanding that one of the basic differences between liberals and conservatives is their views on God. Looking at the graphic above, you can see that conservatives believe that God is the source of all rights and wealth. Christians will also say that God is the source of Love. These attributes and blessings flow from God to Man. It is then Man’s responsibility to give some of these rights and wealth to the Government for the protection and betterment of the society. Liberals, on the other hand believe that God bestows all rights and wealth on the Government. So that Government has control off all the blessings of God and that the Government has total discretion as to the distribution and control of all rights and wealth. When you eclipse God, with something God tends to become irrelevant.
Christians are taught to not only worship and respect God, but to love God above all else. You can to worship God when you make him subservient to the laws of man. You can to respect God and you eclipse him with the laws of man. You cannot allow others to respect or even acknowledge God when you set Government between him and his blessings. Overtime liberals tend to forget all about God and focus on their love and worship of the government because they believe that is responsible for all of their rights and wealth. To that end, I believe that liberalism is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity.
Since conservatives believe that we allow the existence of Government, we should be able to cut off the flow of wealth and rights to it, effectively starving and reducing its size. Because liberals have started to see Government as their God, they see a reduction in its scope as blaspheme.


Liberals Vs Christians Part II

An organizations members will follow its leaders. The leaders of the Democrat party are those that represent it at the convention. The DNC spit on God an historic 5 times at their most recent convention.

  1. Obama and his team removed God from the Democrat Platform. This was submitted to a voice vote and resoundingly accepted.
  2. Realizing that the removal of God from the platform could be a political mistake, the policy drones quickly re-added references to God and send Antonio Villaraigosa out to run a voice vote to authorize the change. The voice vote failed.
  3. Trying not to look stupid Antonio Villaraigosa again asked the Democrat Convention Leaders to allow God back into the Democrat Platform. Again it was voted down.
  4. Showing some frustration Antonio Villaraigosa asked for a third vote. For the third time the Democrat Convention attendees voted down God. Only this time Mr Villaraigosa, acting on instructions from on high. . . not God, but Obama’s political team, told the crowd that the majority of votes where for the re-inclusion of God into the Democrat Platform.
  5. The overriding of the peoples opinion causes the crowd of Democrats to boo both God and Mr Villaraigosa.

So, we see the truth about direction and belief of the DNC, God is not only irrelevant, but unwelcome.
As you move up higher in the ranks of your progressive liberal party, the pressure to give up God altogether becomes greater and greater. Of course, it is pressure not to just give up on God but to replace Him with the all mighty Government and those mighty intellectual and caring elites that will bring about a paradise on earth[for themselves].


Why Liberals Can’t Be Good Christians Part I

I know I guy named Brett. He calls himself a vegan.

But Brett likes to have bacon and eggs some morning. He claims after breakfast he is a vegan. During breakfast he intends to be a vegan the rest of the day. Now there aren’t any vegan police. There isn’t a vegan certificate or special vegan powers. Brett doesn’t hurt anyone by eating bacon. But he does shrug off the obvious conflicts his choices produce. but in the end bacon wins.
Christan liberals are a lot like Brett. They have to support things that are directly contrary to Christan ideals and teachings. They have to do this because being a liberal means that every other belief you hold is subservient to your liberalism. If you are a liberal anything, you are always a liberals first.

I am not judging someone to be a Christian, either good or bad. That’s my job, but I can have an opinion about it. In the end it is your choice to call yourself a Christian, a Pastaterian or an agnostic. I am just pointing out the conflicts I see.


Of Pimps, Johns, Whores and Tricks

Most people know these terms. Whores sell a service. This service is called a trick. John’s buy the trick/service and pimps facilitate the transaction while taking a percentage.

For this exercise you well assume that you want to reduce the number of tricks being turned. To do so, you have two options:

  1. Increase the number of whores and make them more attractive.
  2. Decrease the number of whores and make them less attractive.

I don’t really know why anyone would choose the first option but many do. I the only reason to choose number one is in the hope that another party, maybe the police will would have a better chance at stopping the whores.

Now lets apply this to Washington DC. Here the Whores are Congress, and the bureaucrats the give power to. The Pimps are the lobbyists, the Johns are Wall Street and special interest groups and the Tricks are special favors, money, contracts, favorable legislation and power.

Many people look at the corruption in DC, those mega corporations that don’t pay taxes. Those companies with no pay back loans, grants or contracts and the money from those activities that flows back to congressional campaign funds or lines the pockets of the legislators and feel that the average guy is just getting screwed( they are).

One group of people wants to take the power away from Washington, make the Federal government smaller, less powerful. Essentially making fewer and less attractive Whores. The other side wants to make the Federal Government bigger, believing everything can be fixed with more regulations that will be ignored or only applied in special cases. Thus making more and more attractive whores.

If you have an argument as to why more Whores in DC makes life better, it will be interesting to hear it. I think the best bet for the country is to clean out the Whores and make them less powerful and thus less attractive.



Source of man made misery.

Through out the history of humanity there have been many man caused disasters. The disasters have resulted in untold deaths, pain and suffering for most of those involved. These  disasters  include wars and genocidal events and actions. All these events have one thing in common,they are caused by a few elite, inflicted on thousands or millions of common people to the benefit of a few.

To put it simply, rule by a few elite causes pain, misery, suffering and death to many for the profit of a few. From what I can tell, in the earlier days, groups of people ruled by one tyrant or king would regularly destroy one and other. As we became more civilized the autocracies committed by rulers became worst. With few exceptions, these new tyrants where not related to previous regional rulers but they where just the most ruthless, smart and savage members of the society.

Modern day tyrants have exterminated 100’s of millions of lives. These tyrants all have one item in common, they profess to follow the teaching of Karl Marx. So with the likes of Mao, Lenin and Hitler to draw upon, today’s modern democrats have struck out to match and even exceed their predecessor’s accomplishments.

The solution or or antidote to the destructive power of Marxism and rule by the elite is a free and moral people. Since both of these conditions are needed to bring about prosperity and happiness for the majority of the population I don’t have high hopes for the survival of this country. But, I  may be wrong… I pray that I am.