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Ok, so I am  a bit late on Christmas wishes. But the glow of good cheer shouldn’t be fading as fast as those Christmas hang overs and food comas.

Regardless of who or how you worship, I wish everyone the very best.

Keep smiling and be careful out there. It looks more and more like the inmates are controlling the nut house.


There has been a polar shift.

At one point in time I had to explain to people that the US was not Europe. The European Parliament model of Left and Right or Communist  vs Fascists was different from the American political Poles. Here in the US we had Liberals on the left and Conservatives on the Right. Liberals wanted bigger government, more taxes and less personal freedom. Conservatives would push for smaller government, less taxes and more personal freedom.

Now I realize, we Europe. The left, the Democrats are populated by communists who wish to socialize industries. The right or the Republicans are Fascists, looking for partnerships and protectorates for large businesses and 3comma organizations.  There is no one left supporting the Constitution, or the individual. Everyone (with few exceptions) in DC consider themselves the Elected Royalty. They are the Elite, our rulers they are the ones who matter. They make deals with multi-billion dollar businesses for special tax breaks, and protection from competition.  The Republican party should be aptly renamed the Fascists party.

After the big Democrat defeat, people where surprised the Obama did not move to the Right… Well in fact he did. We can see this 1.1 FuckiUS bill passed by the human scum in DC. The monstrosity had tons of pork and special interest hand outs to big businesses. This was a far more Fascist bill then would have been allowed to get by previously.  So Obama has moved way from total government tyranny of the communist left and moved toward the Fascists Republican right.

It all makes sense now.  Because in the end, Communist or Fascists it is the people of America that are screwed.


Starving the Children.

This is funny. Back in the Clinton years the all so compassionate Liberal Lairs where accusing Republicans of wanting to starve children. This was because Republicans wanted to cut the rate of grownth of spending on school lunches. God forbid they only get a 2% increase instead of the 8%. What ever would all those cronies do without all that additional money to waste.

However today:

School cat food

yummy… more slop please

Yes that is 1/4 of a cookie

Source: http://eagnews.org/students-post-skimpy-michelle-o-lunch-photos-on-twitter-is-this-school-lunch-or-cat-food/

Now the progressives under Obama are actually doing it.

Isn’t live under a dictator grand?

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Free Market Solution to Ebola Quarintine

I know the idea of Free Markets are not in favor these days. But the underlying theme of a free market venture is risk. Which is why there are insurance companies and hedge funds.

We have all these arrogant do-gooders coming back from Ebola central who are griping about quarantine measures.

The answer is quite simple. We need states to pass some simple laws.

If you bring Ebola or any other preventable communicable disease into the state, you are charged $10,000. That is you and or your employer or family. If you expose other people you are charged up to 1,000,000 (one million) dollars clean up fee plus an additional $10,000 per person exposed up to some cap. This additional money will go to mitigate the exposure and compensate the exposed.

So it would be up to CBS, NBS or doctors with out borders as to whether they will risk bringing people directly back from exposed areas.



Proof that Obama is a Son of Satan

7 Minute Video that pokes fun at and explains Obama.


Man-made global warming explained.

Let’s imagine a pair of rooms. Each has 10 ft. ceilings and is 10 ft. walls. They are each 10 ft. cubes. Each room has 1,000 square feet of air in it. If we could separate out all the CO2 the air this room it would fit in about 2 tissue boxes. Out of the 1,000 cubic feet of air in the room the CO2 would fit in less than ½ of a cubic foot. Now that amount of additional greenhouse gases that has everyone concerned is less than 10% of the total or about .05 cubic ft. Now .05 cubit ft. is about a volume of a healthy fart.

For this experiment we will have a vegan after a tofu binge walks into the first room and pass gas. After the vegan leaves, the Algorians of the world want you believe that this room will become substantially hotter than the second room. Now a fart will typically contain methane, CO2 and water vapor, all dangerous greenhouse gases according to the Algorians. So, in just a matter of days, weeks, months, years or centuries the additional greenhouse gas from the tofu fart should cause this first room to get 100’s degrees hotter because of the additional trapped heat from the greenhouse gasses. Is this believable? If it doesn’t happen you just have to wait longer.

If so, shouldn’t Taco Bells, vegan restaurants and outhouses be constantly on the verge of spontaneous combustion?

Seriously people if common sense doesn’t overcome indoctrination we are lost as a free nation.


Ebola: the cheapest way to create biological weapons.

One terrorist with Ebola in the US can supply an almost unlimited supply of a deadly biological weapon… their blood.

As a matter of fact, Ebola may be the cheapest and easiest way for terrorists to make a biological weapon… which is important when you only have 500,000,000 dollars to work with.

Just sneak one 5 people in who have been exposed. Set them up an a suburban house. As they get sick start taking their blood. This doesn’t take a lot of medical experience.

This blood can be used to infect surfaces through out a city. It can be sprayed from the roof top of a building at dusk during a Friday night.
When the Ebola generators get to sick, you kidnap random people and expose them. Once you have one station setup you can expand to other cities.
Remember these people have a lot of money and are not afraid of death. If they get discovered before the incubation period a third group could release videos of the activities with specifics of where the infection was spread.

It wouldn’t matter, anyone was actually affected, the fear would paralyze the cities targeted.


Sad Day for Americ… We are #2

China’s economy has officially passed the US’s according to the IMF


Congradulations Obama We are now #2

Congradulations Obama We are now #2


Dave’s Rules of Politics

Something’s you just have to remember to take for granted in this day in age.

  1. Liberal Lie—but Democrat liberal usually get away with it.
  2. Liberals will always strive to more power.
    • Redistribution is not about helping the poor or hurting the rich, it is about being the one in control of taking and giving money
    • Global Warming has nothing to do with the environment; it is about controlling the producers of energy, for without energy there is no freedom.
    • Race wars are not about equality or discrimination, it is about polarization. A divided people are easier to pander to and manage.
    • See Item 1.
  3. Republicans are lazy, feckless idiots and cowards.
    • The vast majority of Republicans are so totally clueless. They just want to be liked.
    • There are probably only a few testacies floating around DC and the Republicans share them when they get tired of looking like pussies.
  4. Democrats Priorities:
    • First is the party
    • Second is personal power
    • Wealth and power for friends and family
    • Personal Image
    • Re-Election
    • Perks and Privileges
    • Good of the country, not really a on the top 5, see items 1&2
  5. The media will always always cover for the Democrats first, then for liberal republicans second… if it doesn’t hurt a democrat.
  6. Democrats will stand by each other till the end, republicans won’t
  7. Democrats are at war with the republicans and the country, republicans don’t know it.
  8. Everything is about politics in DC. Everything that happens has a political potential
  9. When all else fails Democrats will use force and lawyers.
  10. Republicans seldom realize what is going on.

Cultural Gravity Part II

Let me detail the pivot points that occurred around the 1940’s

  1.  Commercial Oil production started in Saudi Arabia (Mohammad’s birth and death place)
    •  Suddenly the home of Islam had almost unlimited money. This wind fall came to be seen across the 3rd world as a the blessing of Allah on Islam. Madras’s could be build all over the world. This also helped keep the citizens of Saudi occupied with something other than getting rid of the massive Saudi Royal family
  2.  Defeat of Germany and Japan by the US and allied forces.
    •  This victory did a lot for the culture of America. Everyone loves a winner. American culture was copied and adopted throughout Europe and the 3rd world. There was a lot of emulation during this period up till the 60’s
  3. Migration of German radicals into the US.
    •  While there have always been leftists/progressives and liberals in America. At the time of the revolution they were called monarchists. This is one of the first times that the leftists started teaching America as evil
  4. Creation of the Muslim Brother Hood.
    • Every good movement needs an enemy. Islam now had funding from Saudi and an enemy in Israel. They also considered America an enemy, so they had brothers in the soviets and American Left, but it would be 3 generations before they could act.
  5. Creation of Israel
    • Finally Islam had an enemy close at hand. Someone they could smear and create propaganda about.
  6. Nuclear Weapons used
    • Set America apart as a super power. The made all the countries in the world fearful and respectful of America.
  7. Beginning of the Cold War
    •  The soviet bloc also needed an enemy. The cold war was started because the Soviets also wanted world domination. If Hitler hand not attacked Russia and kept their alliance intact, we would have a whole different outcome to WWII.

The 1940’s represented a high point in the increase of American Cultural Gravity. As we moved into the 50’s the rate of change started to decrease, while Islam’s influence grew in the darkness.
In the 1960’s while America was working on the space program with a large degree of national self confidence, the idea that America was evil was becoming fully fleshed out by the radical left. Plans were hatched and indoctrination was begun on a new generation of to destroy America. This occurred both in American and in Saudi Arabia. While Obama and Osama Bin Ladin where born with in 4 years of each other.
As the 1960’s came to an end Saul Alinsky was a major player in teaching the American left how to be more civilized and focused. Done where the days of bombing buildings and talking of mass death, in re-educations camps(the weather underground and Bill Ayers). Now the radicals on the left, fueled by conflicts like Korea and Vietnam set out to destroy and rebuild the American culture.
For the next two generations the left has attacked everything with lies and propaganda till today America’s Cultural gravity is at an historic low. America no longer appears to stand for anything. It is hard to convince people in developing nations that Gay is normal. That people don’t have to work. That marriage is unimportant and to be avoided. America is no longer about success, but about survival, that makes it no different than every other place in the world. There are no longer even male and female in the new American culture, the rest of the world, outside maybe Europe can’t understand that.
Islam however stands for something. People around the world started flocking to Islam in the hopes that they to would be blessed like Saudi Arabia and their oil fields. Islam became more popular with every successful attack on America, especially in the early years or under Clinton where the attacks where brushed off. It is very possible that if Clinton had leveled a large section of Somalia after the black hawk down incident that there would have been not world trade attacks. Liberals seen as somewhat weak to downright pussies like Carter did nothing for America’s image and CG around the world.
So, what will it take to defeat radical Islam? You need a better idea. A strong successful America that embraces simple human values. An America that doesn’t create wimps that buckles under cyber name calling. We need an America that understands and rejects liberalism and strives for individual prosperity, morality and compassion.

In other words, we need a real leader who can motivate and start the rebuilding of what generations of liberal poison has paralyzed.